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This blog was born as a passion project back in 2008 (when I was a freshman in college), simply as a place where I could share my design work, experiences, recipes, and nerd out on the things I love.

For years, I have had so many ideas that I wanted to blog about, but I never quite came to doing it because I was obsessed with wanting it to be perfect before publishing and promoting it. I am driven by so many interests that I just couldn’t find a way to tie them all together into one cohesive thing, so I was never able to make it through completing many pieces I’d put together.

Almost 10 years later, I am finally taking a leap and jumping feet first into publishing my blog. I chose to name my blog Eat. Nerd. Create., because most of the things that I want to be able to write about can fall somewhere within these areas. I love to eat, make and share good food with good people; nerd out on technology, art, media, and everything Apple; and share with you the things I’ve learned, designed or DIY-ed, and tips on how you can create more of the things you love in life. That’s how I created my tagline: eat good, nerd out, create life.


Be honest… Have you ever been brought to tears of mouthwatering joy from the sight or thought of food?

Or had a meal so great you had to close your eyes as you tasted and savored each and every note of flavor in your mouth?

Or dreamt a food experience in an epic “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” fashion?

Or even wished to be a judge on any of the Food Network cooking shows, just to experience the world of flavor combinations you have yet to experience?

‘Cause I sure have…more times than I could count. I’m undoubtedly a foodie…and it sounds like you are too!

Being the oldest of 4 with a single mother, I  spent a lot of my childhood helping my mom care for my younger siblings. In order to help my mom more, I learned to cook at a fairly young age. By the age of 10, I could cook a full meal to feed our family of 5.

Although I was pretty much the pickiest eater in our house, you should know that I’m completely obsessed with food. I love to watch the food channel (who doesn’t) and scroll Pinterest for new recipe ideas. I’ve even started creating a family cookbook that can be passed on as a family treasure.

Having worked in food services for just over 10 years, I am constantly trying to create restaurant-inspired dishes on a budget that are fresh, creative, quick, easy, and perfect for sharing with those you love. I believe that cooking should be fun and recipes, flexible. I love to create new twists on recipes inspired by the things I know and love, and I hope my recipes inspire you to step into the kitchen to cook a delicious meal, with your own twist.

Above all, I love eating good food in good company—does it get any better than that?


I’ve heard that… If you are constantly pushing up your glasses, you may be a nerd.

If you snort when you laugh, you may be a nerd.

If you’re constantly obsessing about technology and other things people don’t care about…you may be a nerd.

If your passion is sometimes confused with you being a know-it-all, you just may be a nerd.

If you are an intellectual badass, you are DEFINITELY a nerd.

Based on these, and other factors, I’m sure my nerd quotient is through the roof!

Growing up, I always had my nose in the books… I am truly a bookworm; I’ve read so many books I can’t even count. From as early as the age of 4, I can remember always wanting a new book series to complete. If it caught my eye, I wanted to read it, and I obsessively devoured book after book…Barbie, Amelia Bedelia, Dr. Seuss, Goosebumps, and too many others to list them all. I’ve read all of the Harry Potter series and seen every movie, multiple times, and I honestly can’t wait to make a special trip to Florida just to check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

When I was a kid I really wanted to be an Engineer (I seriously hated Science tho…), but when I went away to college I learned that I was more of a creative tech geek. I have so many interests that there’s no telling what could catch my eye next. From movies, anime, comics, games, and science (the concept, but never the classes), to ancient history, mythology, astrology, and technology.

Being a nerd can have many definitions (there’s level to this shit), but nonetheless, the nerd life and its possibilities are limitless. You don’t have to have every trait of the “classic nerd” to embody all the best qualities of and be considered a nerd. Being an intellectual badass is about having equal parts of smarts and sass. Its time everyone started embracing their nerdiness and wearing it proudly. Follow along here for my nerdy notions, interests, and rantings.


Design is my passion. Being a designer, I have a natural knack for creating new things. Whether it’s designing something, DIY, crafting, doodling, writing, or journaling, I love using my creativity to shape my life experiences.

I truly believe that you create the life you want. Every day, there is some new creative thing that I am dying to try, but occasionally the procrastination sets in tough, and I have a hard time choosing between Netflix, snacks, and chill, or working on my blog and other creative stuff after a long day filled with work and other things (SPOILER ALERT: Netflix usually wins the battle). Either way, I always try to make time to read, watch, or listen to something inspiring that will spark action towards being creative every day.

Here I will also be sharing the things that I create and giving you tips and resources on how you can flex your creative muscles and start creating the life you want.


This is a place I hope to showcase my thoughts and experiences, as well as share tips, tricks, and resources on food, technology, creativity, anything else I think is cool, and the things that make me, ME!

I’m thrilled to be starting this journey, and I hope to one day grow this blog into a place that foodies, nerds, and creatives can connect with, create with, and inspire each other through the things we love. So thank you so much for being here — it really means a lot!

If this is your first time here, be patient with me, as I am just starting out, but I’d like to start out by letting you know some of the basics of how my site is setup:

  • The front page always has the newest, latest posts.
  • The Eat category is the foodie haven! It has all the food-related posts like recipes, challenges, reviews and more.
  • The Nerd category is the place for the geeky, tech-obsessed, ever-curious geniuses that are always in the know!
  • The Create category is filled with design, DIY, journaling, and many other ways that you can practice creating daily.
  • And the Lifestyle category is my place to share with you my personal story and experiences.

My plan is to gradually work my way towards publishing and promoting a minimum 8 posts per month over a 12-month period, starting with 2 per month, then 4 per month, then 6 posts per month, and finally 8 posts per month, then increasing from there. You can follow my blog by reading it here on my website, following it with your favorite RSS reader or subscribing to the posts by email.

I will be doing a lot of talking about food, eating food, taste-testing, making food, ranting about things I love, journaling, and creating new things around here.  And I also enjoy sprinkling in lots of stories about life in Houston, where I spend my days cooking, adventuring, journaling, learning, DIY-project-ing, working, and building my brands. Oh, and hanging out with my #1 sidekick and crumb snatcher — my playful pup, Bandit.  (Feel free to take a peek at life behind the scenes on my Instagram.)

Thanks again for stopping by, and remember to always eat good, nerd out, and create YOUR life!